I’m odile

photographer and ceremonial space holder

Hello Wildfire Woman.

I see you there, with the fire burning in your belly.

You are ready to be seen, ready to be heard, and know that your voice is needed NOW.

You can feel the time for change is here, and you know that you are part of it.

Patriarchy is coming to an end, systems are crumbling and balance is going to be restored – what a time to be alive! Your soul chose this time to be here, and for good reason.

I’m honoured that you have found yourself here, and can’t wait to walk with you as we all journey together to restore the balance the world so desperately needs.

Wondering how? Find out my offerings below.



About Me

I’m a triple earth sign wildfire woman on a mission to help other women be seen, be heard and feel the FIRE that is within. 

Let’s Stoke the fire