Closing/Rebirth Ceremonies

You’ve experienced a transition in life, but you’re finding it hard to integrate this change. Throughout our lives we experience the death and rebirth of ourselves over and over.

Maiden to mother.

Mother to Maga.

Mother of one to mother of 2 or more.

Married or partnered to separated or divorced.

From pregnant mother to mother of an angel baby.

Just to name a few. Each rebirth deserves to be witnessed. YOU deserve to be witnessed. To be held. To be honoured for these transitions that you experience.

I am here to witness and honour you.  


Transitions can sometimes be painful, as we cling to the dead and dying parts of ourselves. We may grieve what has been lost. This ceremony allows that grief and sadness to be felt and released, and clears the way for you to fully step into the woman that you currently are.


We will walk through 4 stages together:


1. Cleansing and preparation

I will serve you a heart opening elixir and help to cleanse and prepare you to enter the following stages.

2. Releasing, shifting and calling in

I will facilitate a releasing ceremony so that you can energetically let go of the parts of you that need to be released in order to call in the new.

3. Closing – the liminal space

I will wrap your body as you enter into the liminal space. Once there I will take you through a drum journey and use some other energetic healing and cleansing rituals to guide you through the liminal space.

4. Re-emergence and integration

As you re-emerge from the liminal space there will be an opportunity for you to journal and debrief your experience.



Ready to be held through your closing/rebirth?


Who is this for? 

Any woman who has undergone a transition in life. This might be anything! Anything where there has been a death of the old self, and a rebirth of a new self. This might be after becoming a mother, after menopause, after marriage, after separation or divorce, after the birth of a business, after birth, after having children and no longer wanting any more – just to name a few. If you aren’t sure if this is for you you can get in touch with me to have a chat about your situation and if this feels right for you.


Where are they held?

These are in the comfort of your own home. You will need to ensure you have a quiet space to lie down and a pillow, but I will bring all the other necessary items.


Is this a closing of the bones?

No, this is not a closing of the bones ceremony. Closing of the bones belongs. to Mexican culture and I do not wish to appropriate when I do not come from this culture myself. 


Can I invite friends?

Yes! If you would like to be held and witnessed by your community of women this would be magical. Please let me know and we can organise this ceremony to include the wonderful women in your life.


What’s involved? 

A closing/rebirth ceremony as facilitated by me involves 4 stages – cleansing, releasing, closing and re-emergence. Each ceremony looks a little bit different for each woman as it is tailored to the death and rebirth for your particular situation. More information about these stages is included above. 


What’s the exchange? 

The exchange for a closing/rebirth ceremony is currently $350.


I’d like a postpartum closing, can my child be there? 

Although these ceremonies are focussed around your transition, it is possible for your baby. to be a part of the ceremony, however I do recommend allowing for some of the time to be just for your sacred self. If you’d like your baby to be a part of the ceremony please let me know so we can factor it in. 


How long is the ceremony?

Each ceremony is different as it is tailored to you, however allow 2-3 hours. If you are on a time limit please let me know before hand so we can factor it in and make sure the ceremony suits your needs and timeframe.


I would like to be immersed in water or buried in the earth. Is this possible?

Yes, being buried in the earth or water immersion are both beautiful ways to experience a rebirthing ceremony. Let me know beforehand that this is your preference and we will find a suitable location to perform the ceremony. 


Let’s Stoke the fire