I recently listened to a podcast which opened up my awareness around different dimensions of pleasure and one really spoke to me – emotional pleasure. I’ve never actually considered this with any depth, that I might (and do) get pleasure from the emotional realm. For me it really hit home that the situations we might place ourselves in, especially the company we keep, really contributes to our emotional pleasure – or our lack of. Social situations that are draining, energy-sucking, that make us feel like utter shit when we leave. Or gatherings that have the complete opposite effect. That are heart-opening and heart-filling, that leave us feeling connected and energised.


It seems pretty obvious, now that I am writing this down. But it’s something I want to invite more of into my life. Intentional emotional pleasure. The belly laughs, the vulnerability. It doesn’t mean that conversations are always light and happy, no. Sometimes those moments with friends that are down in the deep dark depths are the moments I walk away from feeling so fucking connected and grateful that those conversations could be had. That although walking the path through the muck and shit is essentially done alone, we can still feel supported and not alone in that. And that actually feels beautiful, even if does seem like a juxtaposition. Because there is emotional fulfilment there. And hey, we can go through the dark completely and utterly alone, but should we?


So I’m here for the intentional creation of wonderful spaces, where all the flavours of conversation can be had and held. Where we can walk away with emotional pleasure, emotional fulfilment. More connected. More connected to ourselves. More connected to each other. More connected to the vibrant threads of life that weave their way through us and through Mother Earth. Where there is luminosity, and laughter, and everyone feels a little bit lighter when they leave.


Beautiful spaces where we leave feeling good, even if the topics weren’t easy to digest. Even if we uncovered something that we would rather turn away from, knowing that we were held enough to go there and have a little dig. Where we hold each other in a metaphorical hug that won’t fix, but that witnesses. Yeah, that feels pretty fucking good to me. I’ve been facilitating women’s circles for a year now, and they continue to evolve. I can say that for 2023 (and my last circle for 2022), will be focused on emotional pleasure for every single woman who sits in circle. Where even in your saddest, darkest times that you don’t even need to speak about, you know you can come and be held and witnessed by other women who just get it. Where your lightness and celebrations can come too, and be welcomed. Where you leave feeling completely and utterly nourished in every sense of the word. And I hope you’ll come and co-create with me, because the magic of this space is created together.


With love,




P.S. I hope you’ll join me in circle soon. My final circle for 2022 can be found here. And if you are reading this in 2023, you can find all my current offerings here.