Wild Women in Biz Circle 30 Oct – Imposter Syndrome and Money Stuff


Imposter syndrome. I think it’s safe to say most of us have been there (and keep revisiting). Feelings of not being good enough, not belonging, ‘Who am I to do x,y,x’, comparisonitis – all play into imposter syndrome. In this circle you’ll have a space to be held and witnessed by other women in biz who have likely felt exactly the same as you at some point (or currently!) in their biz. We’ll also be touching on our money stories, charging others and the discomfort that can arise when being paid, especially in feminine, heart-led business.

We’ll drop in with an embodiment practice to open you up to your body’s wisdom around your business, journal on some questions that will provide you with some deep insight, and create something (I’m still deciding what) while we sit in circle and share if you feel called about this topic. We’ll also share some delish nibbles – because breaking bread together is a symbol of companionship and community. We are all in this together, experiencing similar things as we forge our own paths as Wild Women in biz.

What you’ll take home:

  • wisdom and insight around imposter syndrome and money that comes directly from your body
  • an open heart after being seen and heard in your experience of imposter syndrome and/or money stories
  • a feeling of not being alone – you are supported and walk alongside many other women who feel the same as you
  • lightness and courage in taking steps needed to start or continue your journey with your biz
  • an awesome craft that you created to anchor in any new insights around yourself and your biz
  • a belly full of delish treats

Exchange $55 or join the first biz circle on 16 Oct as well for a special exchange of $88 – enter code bizcircles on checkout (must add both circles to cart).

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October 30, 2022 - October 30, 2022
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
EQHQ Inglewood


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