Wildfire Women in Biz Circle 16 Oct – Success in a feminine biz


Are you a Wild Woman in business? Running your own business can have many challenges, and there aren’t many spaces where you can be held by other women who know exactly what you are thinking and feeling as you navigate your business in this hyper-masculine, patriarchal and capitalist world. This circle is a space for you to experience the not-aloneness (totally a word!) that a circle of women provides. Be held, seen and heard by other women in business as we dance around our own definitions of success. What does YOUR version of success look and feel like?

We’ll drop in with an embodiment practice centred on the sensations we wish to experience in our business, some juicy journaling prompts to get you going and a sharing circle where you can vent, share stories and really feel into what being a Wild Woman in business is really about. We’ll also be crafting a very special abundance and prosperity jar to anchor in your big dreams and desires for your business, for you to use in rituals, daily gratitude practices or just general magik! Plus some shared nibbles because

What you’ll take home:

  • an embodied version of success that arises from your own body’s wisdom
  • knowing that while your journey as a woman in business is yours to walk, so many other women are walking alongside you
  • a full heart after being seen, heard AND witnessed in your version of success
  • super cool and cute abundance jar for your altar or biz space as a reminder of all that you are here to do and how success feels in your body
  • some yummy snacks in your belly

Exchange $55 or join the second biz circle on 30 Oct as well for a special exchange of $88 – enter code bizcircles on checkout (must add both circles to cart).


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October 16, 2022 - October 16, 2022
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm
EQHQ Inglewood


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