Feeling over Thinking


Feminine Embodiment Coaching focuses on depth, feeling – using the internal felt sense – and an internal focus. The internal felt sense can be difficult to describe in words – but it lies at the root of our mental, physical, energetic and emotional bodies. Our ability to be aware of and sensitive to these bodies and the sensations at the root of them contribute to our ability to experience the internal felt sense more intimately.

So, we’ll be focusing on what it is you are feeling inside of your body – rather than thinking your way through a challenge or desire. Your body is so wise, and holds the answers you seek – but often we are taught to live up in our heads and ignore our bodies. I’ll be there to guide you and hold space for you to explore what your body wishes to reveal to you. I won’t be telling you what to do or giving you solutions or answers – you already know. But I will be there to help you uncover this wisdom.


Sessions are also about allowing ourselves the time and space to really feel what is going on for us. This is why we focus on depth and not direction during the session. Rather than striving to move forward, there is movement into the layers surrounding your challenge or desire. It can also be new for us to actually stop for a second and focus on the internal sensations in our bodies. It is very normal to find it difficult to describe or to feel as though there is nothing or there is numbness. This is all ok and so very welcome. As we go through life we can build up layer upon layer of ‘armour’ to protect ourselves from the very tender feelings that we have. These sessions provide a held space for you to begin unravelling these layers so you can get to the tender hearted truth of YOU



What to expect 


You can expect invitations into the four pillars or embodiment – awareness, breath, movement and sound. These are our vehicles to experience the internal felt sense with greater sensitivity. I will also invite you to close your eyes if it feels safe for you to do so for most of the session, as this helps you maintain an internal orientation and to focus on what you are feeling rather than what you are thinking.



To get the most out of your session


I am all about depth, vulnerability and the juicy stuff. In order for you to get the most out of this session, please come with a challenge that you have been experiencing recently, or a goal or desire that you are working towards or would like to work towards. In order for us to move through the layers, it does ask for some vulnerability and a willingness to feel what arises. I will continue to guide you back to your body if needed so we can unearth what your body is calling to unearth. Be willing to move and make sound. Now, I know making sound can be confronting and uncomfortable for many of us – believe me, I get it!! I too, will be making sounds throughout the session and you are always welcome to mute yourself during these bits if that helps



So how does the feminine come into it?

That covers the embodiment part, but how does the feminine come into sessions? As you may or may not know, our patriarchal and capitalist society favours masculine qualities. We all have both feminine and masculine qualities (or energies) regardless of our sex. What are the masculine qualities? Doing, thinking, linear growth, go energy, penetrative energy, logical, analytical, fast paced, focused on productivity and the individual.
The feminine is essentially the opposite – being, cyclical, flowing, receptive, intuitive, creative, slower paced and focused on pleasure and the collective. We need a balance of both the feminine and masculine. Although sometimes one is more useful for what we want to achieve. What I, and many others, have noticed however, is that the masculine is widely celebrated and seen as what we should strive for – and the feminine is seriously neglected and sometimes even seen as an inconvenience.
During sessions there is a focus on the feminine as an overarching flavour. Where in life can you cultivate more slow, more flow? There’s more focus on feeling and just being, on your innate intuition. We might tap into your creative energies and your ability to experience pleasure in the day to day. Overall, it is a softer experience. We aren’t striving to get to an end goal at any cost so that you can then go and focus on doing and ticking off your to-do list. This is about experiencing the fullness of YOU, and your self worth that comes from just existing. It can feel foreign, but when you can sink into it and immerse yourself in the experience, it is such a beautiful change of pace.
I hope you’ll gift yourself this experience, and if you’re keen my special $50 sessions are on offer through Feb and March with limited availability. You can book in here