Wildfire Women Circles

If like me, you can feel that the energy of the Wild Woman archetype is being strongly activated in the here and now, you may like to join us for an afternoon of sitting in circle and wild woman expression in a nude photoshoot. Wild Woman expression is different for everyone, and it may be that she is just a whisper in your heart, or it may be that she is an active part of your life. In either case (and all the places in between), she is calling to be seen, heard and expressed. 

In this circle you’ll be surrounded by other like-minded women in a safe container facilitated by me, which includes a meditation, breath work, drumming, crafting, cacao and journalling and a sharing circle. Afterwards we will drop in with some dancing as we get wild, naked and free AF for a photoshoot at the beach (close to City Beach but in a more secluded area – details provided closer to event date).

Vulnerability is the cornerstone of connection. I know that getting nude with other women can be challenging – which is why I will also be getting nude when taking the photos. Stripped bare of our covers, we will gain access to our most primal and wild nature whilst fostering connection with our bodies and each other. You know that collective energy is POWERFUL and you want in!

When: 29 May 2.30pm – 5.30pm 


Let’s Stoke the fire